Auto Accidents

Kaminski Law, PLLC knows your rights if you’ve been in an auto accident.  How will you pay your medical bills and get the treatment you need to get better?  How will you replace your lost wages?  How should you deal with the insurance company?  How do you file your claim? 


Kaminski Law, PLLC knows the answers to these and many other questions regarding auto accidents. They’ve handled countless auto accident cases involving serious injuries and deaths and are ready to help you as well.  Kaminski Law, PLLC knows how to investigate an auto accident to determine the at fault driver and responsible insurance companies.  They know how to evaluate your damages in order to maximize your recovery.  They know how to resolve your case out of court if possible, but they also know how to take your case to trial should that be necessary.  Auto accidents happen every day.  They can change your life. 


Let Kaminski Law, PLLC help you navigate the legal and insurance process for you.  The initial consultation is free so that you can know your rights!

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